Baby Essentials. What to Buy?

As well as picking out cute clothes and buying all kinds of gorgeous accessories for your new arrival, you’ll also need practical baby essentials to give your precious bundle a happy and healthy start. There’s loads of advice out there about what essentials to buy, so it can feel daunting knowing what to spend your cash on.

We’ve come up with the 5 best things that are universally agreed to be the most help to new parents.


1.  Changing Table at Waist Height

A place to change nappies so you don’t have to bend down will be a total back-saver for you and the same space can be used to get them dried and dressed after a bath too. Just don’t leave your baby there and walk away!

2.   Baby First Aid Kit

It’s natural to feel super protective about your tiny baby. So, for peace of mind get yourself a first aid kit. That way you’ll be able to handle minor aches and illnesses without hitting panic mode.  

3.   Bath Thermometer

Babies love bath time and tend to be relaxed (and sleepy) afterwards. The old trick to use your elbow to test water temperature is well known, but who really knows what 37°C feels like on your elbow? Make sure you know exactly what temperature the water is with a bath thermometer.

4.   Dehumidifier

Rooms that are too humid can lead to sleeplessness in your little one. A dehumidifier will help create the perfect sleeping environment and ensure the baby (and you!) are sleeping well. 

5.   Rear-view Mirror

Safely keep an eye on your baby while you’re on the move by using a rear-view mirror. If you haven’t got one you will inevitably end up turning round and being distracted from the road so definitely pop one of these on your list.  


So there we have it, my top 5 recommendations for your baby shopping list. Family and friends love to buy a gift for new babies. Throw a baby shower and you’ll be amazed by how generous people are, and how much help you’ll get as you prepare for your baby.